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Guide for Dr. Malcolm Maden's BSC 1920 class

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Fast Answers and FAQ


Students will perform a literature search on a specific research topic and generate a bibliography of at least 20 citations, each with a one sentence summary of the major finding.


1. How can ageing be slowed down and lifespan lengthened.

2. What benefits have come from the human genome project.

3. The effects of agricultural pollution on the wildlife in Florida.

4. Scientific fraud.

5. Why do humans have so few genes.

6. How can a skin cell become a nerve cell.

7. Obesity in the modern world.

8. Genetic engineering and food production.

9. Global warming – what is the evidence.

10. Diabetes – can it be cured.

11. Will limb regeneration be possible in man.

12. The harmful effects of plasticisers and plastics.

13. Alzheimer’s disease.

14. What controls organ regeneration.

15. How do migrating animals find their way.

16. Stem cells and cancer.

17. Is there a biological basis for human races.

18. Stem cells as a treatment for neurological conditions.

19. How much of our personality is genetic.

20. Stem cells as a treatment for muscular diseases.

21. Survival tactics developed in animals

22. How did fins evolve into limbs when fish came onto land?

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