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Guide for Dr. Kimball's BSC 1920 class

Off-campus access

When using a campus computer or UF Wireless, you're connected to the UF network.  But for off-campus access to library-licensed e-Journals, research databases and e-resources, use either:

UF VPN - or - the library proxy server (on the remote logon page)

When you see Find@UF in your search results, click for access to digital full-text material.

Fast Answers and FAQ


Use Web of Science and EndNote Basic to generate a bibliography of 15 citations published in the past 10 years on ONE of the topics listed below (this could become the basis for your paper, so pick a topic you might like to write your paper on). These must be formatted in one of the following journal styles:


  • Direct benefits of mate choice to females
  • Sensory biases and mate choice and the evolution of sexually dimorphic traits
  • Male-male competition (also known as intrasexual selection)
  • Male mate choice
  • Sexual selection and its role in speciation
  • Evolution of parental care
  • Evolution of clutch size or litter size
  • Extra-pair copulations in “monogamous” taxa
  • Brood parasitism in birds
  • Role of olfaction in mate choice
  • Paradox of the lek
  • Cooperative breeding
  • Polyandry
  • Kin selection in insects
  • Filial cannibalism


  • Animal Behaviour
  • Behavioral Ecology

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