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Genomics at UF: Centers and institutes devoted to genomic research, graduate programs and a list of the latest publications on genomics at UF.

Journals: A curated list of genomics-related journals accesible at UF.

Protocols: Current Protocols Series, Protocols in print, and other useful online protocols

Societies/Organizations: Main national/ international societies on genetics and genomics, as well as some relevant intitutions and organizations working on genomics

Browsers/Databases: Main genome browsers and databases. Specific databases (e.g. toxicogenomics, pharmacogenomics, population, etc.) and other genomics-related resources


Quick Links

Guide on Bioinformatics: Contains bioinformatics resources and tools available at UF and beyond, including Health Science Center Library support

Guide on Genetics: Includes resources and tools on genetics available at UF including library support for genetics

Guide on Proteomics: A compendium of useful resources and tools for research on proteomics at UF

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Notice to Patrons

Rolando Milian is no longer at the University of Florida. Until the new liaison arrives you can use the following contact information for library assistance.

For reference help and questions, email:

Or call 352-273-8408

Or use this web form:


To set up library instruction sessions, please contact Michele Tennant at or call 352-273-8426



The Human Genome Project web site defines Genome as all the DNA in an organism, including its genes. This guide contains links to resources that will help with your genomics-related research. Please contact us if you have questions, comments, or if there is any resource you would like to add to this libguide.

Additional resources and tools can be found at the Bioinformatics, Genetics, and Proteomics guides.

Please, do not hesitate to contact Rolando Milian or Michele R. Tennant for questions or comments on the use of bioinformatics tools, resources, and services

NIH Public Access Policy Compliance

The NIH Public Access Policy

  • Peer-reviewed manuscripts must be submitted to PubMed Central when accepted for publication
  • Accessible to the public by 12 months after publication
  • Includes articles accepted for publication after April 7, 2008
  • Resulting from grants active after October 2007
  • Starting July 1st, 2013, the NIH will hold processing of non-competing continuation awards if publications arising from grant awards are not in compliance with the Public Access Policy.

Email or call (352-273-8440) your liaison librarian Rolando Milian for help/questions on how to be in compliance.

Glossaries of Genetic Terms

Glossary of Genetic Terms from the DOE is part of the U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program.

 Pharmaceutical Genomics glossary & taxonomy compiled by Mary Chitty, Library Director & taxonomist, Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Needham MA.

 Glossary of The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).

  U.S. Geological Survey Genetics and Genomics Glossary

The Human Genome and Individualized Medicine

This lecture by David Valle, M.D. is part of the Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series (december 2, 2011)

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