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InfoCommons @ UFLibraryWest: OneButtonStudio

3rd Floor of Library West. Collaborative learning environment with ample study space and computers.

One Button Studio @UFLibraryWest 

​Fast and easy video recording studio for current UF Students, Faculty, and Staff!

Availability: Monday-Sunday 8AM-12AM

UF Students and Faculty can reserve the room for 2 hours blocks via the LibCAL reservation system.

One Button Studio @UF Library West!


What is One Button Studio?
One Button Studio (OBS) bundles all the attractions of a semi-professional recording studio - HD camera equipment, lighting, audio, and green screen option - in a single setup that UF students can use to quickly and easily record videos.

What Would I use One Button Studio for?
A few suggestions: practice class presentations, create green screen recordings, video recording assignments, e-portfolio introductions and content, introductions for online courses, present research papers, pre-record lectures, and create demonstration modules, etc.


How can I reserve the One Button Studio?

  1. Current UF students, faculty, and staff may reserve the One Button Studio for a two-hour block by using the LibCAL room reservation system:
  2. At the time of your reservation, you will go to the 2nd floor Circulation Desk, show the staff person your LibCAL reservation confirmation, and check out the key. (REQUIRED - you MUST bring your own 8GB min USB drive).
  3. The studio is located on the southeast corner of the 1st floor in room 142. 
  4. When done with the room, close the door (make sure it locks) and return the key to a staff member at the 2nd floor Circulation Desk. 


What do I need to bring with me?
You MUST bring a USB drive -- minimum 8GB, FAT32 formatted.

Bring headphones if you want to hear the playback of your recording. 

How do I know if my drive is formatted to FAT32?
Unsure if your drive is formatted to FAT32? Here are some easy instructions on checking the formatting of your USB drive:​

How can I format my drive to FAT32?

You can find step-by-step instructions on formatting your drive: 

Which format will my video recording save as?
The system will compress and save your recordings in MPEG-4, which can later be edited in video applications such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Window Movie Maker, or uploaded to YouTube, FB, etc.


Can I edt my video in this room too?
No, you can only record videos in the One Button Studio.  

So where CAN I edit my videos?
You can edit your videos on any computer in Library West or at any of the Academic Technology computer labs on campus.

Library West iMacs
Six iMac computers on the southeast corner of the second floor that have iMovie and Adobe Premiere.

Library West PC
Two hundred PCs, located throughout the building, have Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere.

In which format does the system record my video?
The system will compress and save your recordings in MPEG-4, which can later be edited in video applications such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Window Movie Maker, or uploaded to YouTube, FB, etc.


Can more than one person use the room at a time?
Yes, groups are welcome to work on video recording projects together. Because the room is small, we ask that you please do not bring extra furniture and chairs into the space. 

I won't need the podium for my presentation, can I move it out of the way?
Yes, gently move the cable bundle out of the way, push the podium and it will roll off to the side and out of your way.  If you do move the podium, please move it back and center it over the red tape "X" on the floor before you leave.


What if I have more questions that aren't answered here? 
 If you have other questions about One Button Studio, please feel free to email Victoria Miller (, (Stacey Ewing ( and/or Colleen Seale (

Advanced Feature: Recording Templates

Using the Crestron unit on the wall to the left of the confidence monitor, you can pick a template to use in recording your presentation:

FIVE Template Options:

Picture in Picture (PIP) Right or Left:
Slides will show on the screen and your video will show in the top right or left hand corner- your choice:

Side by Side
Split screen 50/50- Presentation and Slides:


Camera Only
Just you, no slides:


Content Only
Just slides or content:

Printable Instructions


Click here for a full-size view of these instructions and a printable guide in PDF format.

One Button Studio Photos





Photos courtesy of Lynna Lawrence of UFIT News

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