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Systematic Reviews: Data Extraction/Quality/Bias Tools

Basic information on types of "knowledge syntheses"/systematic reviews to help users plan the best review type, team, methods and have a clear sense of the expectations/responsibilities of performing these comprehensive literature review projects.

Data extraction tools

Caveat: UF does not subscribe to any of these

Rayyan free

Covidence by subscription only

DistillerSR by subscription only

SR Tool Box

Bias instruments and articles

Sources of bias in clinical trials: Cochrane Handbook Part II General methods for Cochrane reviews, Section 8 “Assessing Risk of bias in included studies”,  Introduction to sources of bias in clinical trials 

BMJ article about Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool and appendix to same

AHRQ ’12 Assessing the Risk of Bias of Individual Studies in Systematic Reviews of Health Care Interventions, Appendix A

GRADE pub bias article

ROBIN-I (Risk of Bias in Non-randomized studies of Interventions) tool

RoB2.0 tool 

Risk of bias tool list

Quality assessment

Below are tools and articles about tools for assessing quality of research. We recommend you investigate what tools have been used in other reviews on your subject/in your discipline.

Jadad tool for assessing quality

The Delphi list for randomized controlled trials (RCTs)

Newcastle-Ottawa Scale


Equator Network

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