Acquisitions & Collections Services Department

Managing the business of collection development

Goals & Objectives

Department Goals 2015-16

Acquisitions has established goals for its based on key Strategic Directions developed by the Smathers Libraries in 2014. 

#1  Strategic Direction for Creative & Dynamic Content Management : provide seamless access to core resources in the most appropriate formats using the 'Just in Time' method of collection building:

• Conduct systematic and ad hoc review of e-resource knowledgebase (KB) and Aleph holdings.
• Manage 11 DDA/PDA, EBA, and PPV plans; the use-driven plans acquire print books and music scores; e-books, journal articles, and streaming videos.
• Develop new methods for loading and organizing e-books.
• Offer more streaming videos, including through PDA, that support distance learning, course reserves, and online instruction while reducing DVD purchases and holdings space.
• Incorporate e-preferred standing orders.
• Continue efforts to switch journal subscriptions from print to online and incorporate e-preferred standing orders.
• Work with selectors to identify budgeting options for adding new resources or picking up resources no longer supported by FLVC.


#2  Strategic Direction for Creative & Dynamic Content Management : continue to build preeiminant, special and international research collections in the most appropriate formats using the 'Just in Case' method of collection building, including augmenting core collections:​​

• Provide customized workflows for specialized purchase requests for targeted subject areas.
• Develop better methods for out-of-print/hard-to-find ordering for special & area studies.
• Work with selectors and foreign vendors to expand foreign language e-book holdings.
• Develop new and improve upon LACC e-preferred approval plans and e-book package subscriptions.
• Investigate foreign options for ordering materials and record-loading (i.e. Casalini) and support customized, targeted print approval plans for special and foreign budget areas.
• Expand on the Baldwin & Education Library's Children’s Lit Awards plans.
• Revitalize the Romance, Germanic, and Russian firm ordering and approval plans and other targeted underfunded subject areas.


Acquisitions Department 2014-2015 Highlights for Convocation

Notable Accomplishments

  • Angie Stewart was hired into the Electronic Resources Unit as an Associate 1.
  • Jason Heckathorn was hired as an Associate 1 in the Print & Media Unit after John Martin retired.
  • Elaine Needelman and Eric Gumbayan were both awarded special pay increases (SPI) for superior performances and accepting new and challenging responsibilities.

Notable Activities

  • A department reorganization was completed successfully in November 2014 that created a new Serials Unit, increased the number of staff and improved workflow in the Electronic Resources Unit, and updated staff assignments in the Accounting & Paying Unit.
  • To better administer projects staff in the department reviewed and trialed several web-based project management software, ultimately choosing and utilizing Teamwork as the best fit.
  • YBP migration: currently the Acquisitions Department is coordinating a library-wide effort to transition to a new primary book vendor.
  • Currently revamping department and unit LibGuides; developing one for the general public and one for selectors & staff only.
  • Successfully launched several new PDA/DDA/EBA plans – specifically for Coutts print and e-book, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Harrassowitz scores and print books. The department is now managing over 10 use-driven plans.
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