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In 2007-2008, the George A. Smathers Libraries received a $500,000 increase in its materials budget from the Provost. The source of these funds was the portion of the Tuition Increase from the Professional Schools that was designated for support of the University as a whole. The 5 Professional Schools providing this support to the University include: Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine. These funds are frequently identified by the acronym TIPS.

It is the policy of the George A. Smathers Libraries to use these funds for acquisition of electronic content of mutual benefit to the Health Science Center Libraries and the rest of the Smathers Libraries or to the Legal Information Center and one or more parts of the Smathers Libraries, or to all. The underlying philosophy for this policy is that the 5 professional schools are the source of the funds through their tuition increases and it is therefore appropriate that the content acquired with these funds benefit the students, faculty and staff of those colleges as well as the students, faculty and staff throughout the University.

This policy will apply if additional TIPS funds are provided for support of the University Libraries as a whole.

This policy does not apply to other TIPS funds that are provided directly to the Health Science Center Libraries by any of the four professional schools in the Health Science Center. Such funds will be managed as HSCL resources.

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