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European Union: North America

Subject Guide for European Union

EU Notes

EU in Brief
Includes brief history, flag, anthem, descriptions of the major organizations and processes of EU and links to further readings. (Washington Delegation)

Describes the EU institutions and links to their homepages (Europa)

Links to EU-related agency homepages (Europa)

Extensive list of EU policies, from agriculture to transport. Each entry includes an overview, EU treaty basis, legislation in force and under consideration, national implementation, and other sources of information. (Europa)

This site gives a summary of the main legislative measures and procedures for each of the activities of the European Union. (Europa- ScadPlus)
These links include introduction, specific areas of activities and programs within the larger area, and greater coverage of the social aspects.
Expanded listing of areas of EU activities and interests

Current Events
Short explanations of current hot topics, and links to the major web sites covering these areas. (Europa)


Statistics Canada
Country Statistics (UNICEF)
Industrial Statistics (UNIDO)

Statistics Greenland


Statistics Iceland
Country Statistics (UNICEF)
Industrial Statistics (UNIDO)  


National Statistical Society (In Spanish)
Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografia e Informatica (INEGI; in Spanish)
Country Statistics (UNICEF)
Industrial Statistics (UNIDO)

United States of America

See Government Document Department's United States Statistical Sources

University of Florida Home Page

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