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Climate Data: Books & E-Books

Subject Guide for Climate Data

UF Library Resources

NOTE: These are selected titles. Other titles can be found in these call number areas.

  • Gainesville
    • Climatological Data - Gainesville
      In print (MSL Reserve 100 F636m AGC).
  • Florida
    • Climatological Data - Florida
      (Request Storage QC983.A5 / older issues)
    • Climate of Florida
      A 1928 publication of historical interest covering reports from 45 stations during 1840-1926 (MSL State Pubs 100 F636 b200)
  • United States
    • Climatological Data - [States other than Florida]
      Sets of data for other states are available Gov Docs
    • Climatological Data - National Summary
      (Gov Docs C55.214)
      UF Request Retrieval - STORAGE
    • Local Climatological Data by state
      (Gov Docs C55.286/6)
      UF Request Retrieval - STORAGE
    • Local Climatological Data by station
      (Gov Docs C55.287/4)
      UF Request Retrieval - STORAGE
    • Climate Normals for the U.S.
      (MSL Ref QC983.C53 1983)
    • Climates of the States
      (MSL Ref QC983.U58 1974)
    • Climatic Atlas of the United States
      (Map and Imagery Library G1201.C8.U55 1983)
    • Selective Guide to Climatic Data Sources
      (Gov Docs C55.219:4.11 1988)
      UF Request Retrieval - STORAGE
    • Storm Data
      (Gov Docs C55.209 1959-82)
      UF Request Retrieval - STORAGE
    • Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin
      (Gov Docs C55.209 1968-89)
      UF Request Retrieval - STORAGE
  • Global & General
    • ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals
      Data on solar angle determination, solar angles for various degrees of latitude and other solar data (MSL Ref TH7201.A81 1993)
    • Climatic Atlas Of .....
      Atlases for various countries and regions of the world (Map and Imagery Library)
    • Encyclopedia of Climatology
      (MSL Ref QC854.E525 1987)
    • Handbook of Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating
      Section 1 covers climatic data, including dew point temperature (MSL Ref TH7687.S76)
    • Weather Almanac
    • Weather Data Handbook: For HVAC and Cooling Equipment Design
      (MSL Ref TH7687.5.E26 1980)
    • World Climates
      (MSL Ready Ref QC982.R83 1981)
    • World Survey of Climatology
      Fifteen volume set published in 1969-76 (MSL Ref QC981.W67)
    • World Weather Records
      Covers global climate for 1941-80 (MSL Ref QC982.W6)

  • Historic & Global Change
    • Climate Since AD 1500
      Review of world climates since 1500 (MSL Books QC884.C576 1995)
    • For books about environmental climate changes use the following keyword searches in the Library catalog: climatic changes, global change, etc.

Subject Guide

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