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Asian Studies: Japan

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This database contains a number of reference sources in Japan including Encyclopedia Nipponica, Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan, Progressive Japanese-English/English-Japanese Dictionaries, Gendai Yogo No Kiso Chishiki, Nihon Jinmei Daijiten, recent issues of the Economist Japanese edition, and other full-text and partial full-text resources. Language is primarily Japanese. Some English.

JapanKnowledge is licensed for one UF user at a time.  Please log off when done to open access for other scholars.



Research Resources

アジア歴史資料センター  Japan Center for Asian Historical Records, National Archives of Japan
A wide range of official documents concerning details of the Pacific War have been included in public releases by Japan Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR). Commemorating the August 15th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War, this special feature introduces a number of documents and items thematically dealing with the cessation of the Pacific War. This feature includes official documents published over the past year, notably the former Japanese military’s “Action Report; War Dairy,” which was preserved in the Ministry of Defense National Institute for Defense Studies.

日本貿易振興機関アジア経済研究所 Institutions of Developing Economies Japan External Trade Organization

 The IDE Library boasts a wide selection of materials and resources to assist research dealing with the economics, politics and social issues of developing countries and regions in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, and East Europe.

Encyclopedia of Shinto

The original Shinto jiten is the most widely used general work of reference regarding Shinto in Japan today. The online Encyclopedia of Shinto is the English translation of the Shinto jiten with links to video images, illustrations, photographs and sound files. By introducing the results of modern Shinto research through this medium, contribution will be made to the further growth of international research on Shinto and Japanese culture.

「日本外交文書」Digital Archive of the Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


New Books

The Cambridge Handbook of Japanese Linguistics

Hasegawa, Y. (Ed.). (2018). The Cambridge Handbook of Japanese Linguistics (Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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