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Asian Studies: Korea

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You wil need to install the UF VPN software before you can access licensed content such as e-journals or e-books when off-campus.  Consult the guide to installing the VPN.

English Subscription Databases

KCI Korean Journal Database

Approximately 2,000 scholarly journals in the areas of the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities, history, sports and more.

Bibliography of Asian Studies

Comprehensive coverage of Asian Studies research in books and journals

Historical  Abstracts

Approximately 2,300 scholarly journals


Scholarly journals

PAIS International

Scholarly journals, books, magazines, and reports

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

Journal articles, books, dissertations and working papers


Digitized Historical Materials of Changsŏ-gak (Jangseo-gak) 한국학 전자도서관


A database of digitized collections of Jangsŏ-gak, the library of the Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원), which provides a variety of materials including early han'gul novels, the unofficial history of the Chosŏn dynasty and diaries (조선조 야사 및 일기), and audiovisual materials about Korean culture, oral literature (구비문학), folk songs (민요), and dialects (방언).

The Database of Genealogies in Korea 朝鮮族譜データベース

Allows searching of bibliographic information and provides scanned images of the Korean genealogies held by the Institute of Oriental Culture of the University of Tokyo 東京大学東洋文化研究所. 640 items are available online. Search terms include family name, genealogy title, clan, publication date and request number. Searching is by character (this may be input using different IMEs). There is an option to browse bibliographic information by han'gul and romanization. The image file index is organized by the request number 請求記号.

Open Access Databases

Digital Collection of historical books, papers, periodicals

     National Institute of Korean History (국사편찬위원회)

     Kyujanggak (규장각)

     Jongyŏnggak (존경각)

     Munchŏn’gak (문천각)

     Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of the Republic of Korea (국가보훈처)

     Independence Hall of Korea (독립기념관)

     Academia Coreana (명지대학교 국제한국학 연구소)

     Korean Classics Research Institute (민족문화추진회)

     Korea Democracy Foundation (민주화운동 기념사업회)

     War Memorial of Korea (전쟁기념사업회)

     Korean Studies Advancement Center (한국국학진흥원)

     Korean Women’s Development Institute (한국여성개발원)

     Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원).

Search by keyword, title, author, summary, and publisher. 

Korean Studies Ask A Librarian

Ask a Korean Studies Librarian! is a free reference service that is provided by member librarians of the Korean Collections Consortium of North America (KCCNA).  This reference service is for colleagues, scholars and students who do not have access to a Korean subject specialist at their own institutions.  Email:

KCCNA's member librarians will respond as soon as possible.

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