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Citation Management: 1. Install EndNote


Uninstall your old version of EndNote prior to installing the new version.  This will reduce the possibliity of EndNote malfunctioning when you are adding citations to a Word document.

EndNote Website Support

The EndNote Support Site has a documentation for fixes of common technical problems.


  • EndNote 8.0 and higher are not compatible with earlier versions.
    The program has many new advanced features. However it can not read older pre 8 versions unless you convert the old library into an EndNote X1 version. Earlier versions of EndNote will not be able to read version 8 and up. Please keep this in mind when you upgrade or share a library.
    If you have an earlier version of EndNote Technical support recommends uninstalling EndNote prior to installing X1
  • If you don't uninstall EndNote you may need to adjust the settings so that EndNote looks in the most current filter and connnection folders in c:// Program Files/ EndNote X1
  • Offcampus installation: You will be prompted to authenticate with your Gator1 username and password
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