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Citation Management: 4. Generate Citations & Bibliographies in MS Word

Inserting Citations and generating a Bibliography

  1. Open the EndNote Libraries that contain the references you wish to cite.
  2. In EndNote, select the citation(s) you wish to insert in Word.
  3. Open the Word document and position the cursor at the location where you would like the citation.
  4. From the EndNote menu (in Word) select Insert Selected Citation
  5. Instant Formatting is enabled when you first start using Cite While You Write in Word.
  6. EndNote uses the currently selected style to format citations and update the bibliography each time a citation is inserted.
  7. If you want to change the style or layout of references, you must use the Format Bibliography command.

Formatting Citations and a Bibliography

  1. From the Tools menu in Word, go to the EndNote X1 submenu and select Format Bibliography.
  2. On the Format Bibliography tab, use the With Output Style option to select an output style to format references. It is okay to experiment with different styles because you can simply reformat again.
  3. Click OK to format all citations and build the bibliography.
  • Note: If the style that you want is not listed in the Output Style list:
  1. In EndNote, go to the Styles drop down at top and choose Select Another Style
  2. Click Choose on your highlighted Style preference.
  3. The style should appear in the Styles drop down


The "Cite While You Write" feature allows you to insert citations as you write your paper and create a bibliography. Citations from your EndNote library can be placed directly into the text of your MS Word documents. EndNote can automatically generate a bibliography in numerous citation formats (e.g., MLA, Turabian, ASA, or APA). EndNote commands display in a toolbar in Word and/or in the Tools menu.

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