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Citation Management: 6. Advance tips and tricks

Word processor integration

Using the plugins listed below you can easily cite references from your Zotero library as you write your research paper or other document.

  • Microsoft Word users can install our MS Word plug-in.
  • OpenOffice and NeoOffice users can install our OpenOffice extensions.
  • Individuals using other tools can take advantage of Zotero's ability to export to the clipboard to paste bibliographies into any application. To export to the clipboard, right-click (control-click on Macs) on one or more references that you've highlighted, select “Create Bibliography from Selected Item(s),” choose “Copy to Clipboard” from the pull-down menu, and select the citation style in which you want to export the bibliography. You will now be able to paste your bibliography directly into your document.

Make Zotero portable

Using a USB flash drive you can make your Zotero library portable!

1. Install Portable Firefox for Win or Mac according to the directions. Then, run Portable Firefox and install Zotero.

2. Next Move your Zotero library

Zotero stores everything on your computer in a subdirectory of your Firefox profile directory. In most cases, you will find your Zotero files here:

On a Mac:
/Users//Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles//zotero

On Windows:
C:\Documents and Settings\\ApplicationData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\zotero

On Windows Vista:

You can also locate your data directory by going to the Zotero preferences under the Actions gear icon menu and clicking “Show data directory” on the Advanced pane.

With Firefox closed, copy this directory onto your external drive. Remember the location for step 3.

3. Specify the location of your library

Open the Preferences Menu in Zotero/Portable Firefox. You can access Preferences either from the Actions (gear icon) menu in the Zotero pane or through the Firefox Tools menu → Add-ons window (click the Preferences button in the Zotero section).

Click on “Advanced” in the Preferences Menu

Click on “Custom” under Storage Locations to specify the external drive location of your Zotero library. The “Select a Zotero Data Directory” pop-up will appear. Once you select the directory, Zotero will restart Portable Firefox with the contents of your library.

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