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Citation Management: 3. Organizing your Zotero library

Organize your Zotero library

Zotero allows you to organize your records into collections. Each collection might correspond to a research project or a specific area of interest. “My Library” will always contain a master list of all of your records. These records are listed alphabetically. If you delete a record from “My Library” it will disappear completely from your collection.

To create a New Collection click on this icon located in the left panel. You will be prompted to give your collection a name. You can also add sub-collections within collections by creating a new collection, then dragging it into a collection. You can then add items to this collection, either by dragging them from the center pane over to the new collection, or by uploading the item to Zotero while the collection is open (highlighted).

Items can be added to other collections by dragging the item from the center column to the desired collection folder in the left column. This does not duplicate the item.

To rename a collection Right-click on the collection (control-click on Mac) and select Rename Collection from the drop-down menu. A dialog will prompt you to give the collection a new name.

To delete an item, select it and hit the Backspace or Delete key, or right-click (control click on Mac) and select “Delete Selected Item From Library…”

To remove an item from a collection select it and Right-click (control click on Mac) and select “Remove Selected Item”. This will only remove this item from the individual collection.

Individual items can be tagged to facilitate searching and organizing. Click on the item in the center pane, and then click on the Tags tab on the right pane. Some items saved from online catalogs will already carry the library's tags. You can add new tags by clicking on Add and typing in text. You can delete tags by clicking on the minus (-) icon.

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