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Citation Management: 3. Save citations to EndNote Web

Different methods for saving citations

  • Dynamic export (i.e., Web of Science)
  • File import (i.e., Google Scholar)
  • Capture tool (webpages)
  • Manually Enter

Dynamic Export (Web of Science)

File Import

The process to import references into your library requires only a few steps. First, it’s important that the import file is in the proper format. To determine the appropriate format, refer to Import Formats for details. EndNote Web provides hundreds of import filters for a variety of data sources, as well as the standard RefMan (RIS) and Tab-delimited formats. 

To import a file:

  • From the Collect tab, click the Import link. 
  • For the File field, click the Browse button to find and select the file containing reference data. 
  • For the Filter field, select the import option that matches the reference data format. See Import Option Favorites to customize this list. 
  • For the To field, select a group to assign to the imported references. 
  • Click the Import button. 

Capture Toolbar

The Capture button is available on the EndNote Web toolbar which is created automatically when you install the Cite While You Write plug-in or the Firefox Extension.

To capture a reference using the downloaded toolbar button:

  • Navigate to the Web page that presents bibliographic data. (Refer to the list of Capture Compatible Sources.) 
  • Click the Capture button in the EndNote Web toolbar or the Capture References bookmarklet button. 
  • Complete or modify any of the reference fields. 
  • Click the Save to button and select EndNote Web. Alternately, select EndNote to save the reference to your library in EndNote Desktop. 

Manual Entry

Add a new reference to your library by clicking "Collect" and "New Reference". 

Fill out the form. 

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