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Library Instruction and Statistics: Home

Instruction resources for library staff.

This guide is for staff

Please bookmark this guide.  It contains valuable information on who to contact for what reason, how to record your stats, and lots of great resources.

Welcome to Library Instruction

Are you teaching classes and would like some resources on how to get started?  

Want to find instructional handouts easily?

Need to figure out how to reserve a classroom?

You can do all that stuff and more right here in the new StaffGuide for Library Instruction on the Staff Web.  Feel free to browse through the tabs and get to know the new set-up.


Can't find what you're looking for?  Here are some suggestions on what to do.

Maybe you remember something from the old staff web instruction page but you can't find it here....  If it wasn't actually about or for library instruction, then it's no longer here.  Try a site search on the library's homepage.  

Have something you think should live on this StaffGuide?  Email it to Missy.

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