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Genomics: gentle introduction to genomic data analysis with Galaxy

introduction to this guide

Galaxy is a free, web-based, and point-and-click platform for genomic data analysis.  This is a great tool for beginners in this arena of work to use to become familiar with the steps of genomic data analysis.  Later on, you can transition to more advanced methods such as writing your own analysis pipelines in Unix.

This set of videos serves as a very brief overview of the steps in DNA sequencing data analysis including

  • Uploading of FASTQ genomic data files to Galaxy (FASTQ are the gene sequence output files provided by sequencers)
  • An introduction to the content of FASTQ files
  • Mapping FASTQ genomic data to a reference genome
  • Discovering genetic variants in FASTQ genomic data

uploading fastq genomic data files in galaxy

taking a look at a fastq genomic data file in galaxy

mapping fastq genomic data sequencing reads to reference genome

genetic variant discovery using galaxy

annotation of genetic variants using ensembl's variant effect predictor

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