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Genomics: Societies/ Organizations/ Institutions

International Federation of Human Genetics

 International Federation of Human Genetics is an international collaboration of professional human genetics societies, the IFHGS ensures that an International Congress of Human Genetics will take place every five years.

 Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) is the international organisation of scientists involved in human genetics. Its mission to promote international collaborative effort to study the human genome and the myriad issues raised by knowledge of the genome.

Compilation Directories

Genetic Professional Societies & Organizations - Human, Medical, and Clinical Genetics (Information for Genetic Professionals)

Major Societies and Associations

 The Functional Genomics Data Society (FGED Society) works on defining minimum information specifications for reporting data in functional genomics papers have already enabled large data sets to be used and reused to their greater potential in biological and medical research

 Genetics Society of America Mission: The GSA seeks to foster a unified science of genetics and to maximize its intellectual and practical impact.

 American Society of Human Genetics Mission: ASHG serves research scientists, health professionals, and the public.

 American College of Medical Genetics Mission Statement: to improve health through medical genetics.

 American Society of Gene Therapy Mission: to advance knowledge, awareness, and education leading to the discovery and clinical application of genetic and cellular therapies to alleviate human disease.

 European Society of Human Genetics Its aims are: to promote research in basic and applied human and medical genetics, to ensure high standards in clinical practice and to facilitate contacts between all persons who share these aims, particularly those working in Europe.

Institutions/ Projects

 International Sequence Consortium provide a forum for genomic sequencing groups and their funding agencies to share information, coordinate research efforts and address common issues raised by genomic sequencing, such as data release and data quality. Members of the ISC include the large-scale, high throughput sequencing centers and their funding agencies that have agreed to continue the generation of publicly available sequence data for unrestricted use by the research community.

 The Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) was founded in 1999 "with the mission of supporting the development of science and technology, building strong research teams, and promoting the development of scientific partnership in genomics field"

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