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Genomics: Tutorials

Reference tools

Limits and search fields, available for Nucleotide, Genome, Protein, Structure can be found here

PubMed search fields description and tags can be found here.

Genbank sample record containing detailed description of each that data element or field

GEO Datasets and GEO Profiles query fields and examples

RefSeq accession numbers can be distinguished from GenBank accessions by their distinct prefix format of 2 characters followed by an underscore character ('_')

OMIM catalog search fields are sumarized in this table. Here is the OMIM numbering system

GenBank Accession numbers for nucleotide, protein, WGS, MGA

NCBI Tutorials

NCBI Database Tutorials - BLAST, Entrez, Structure, MapViewer

NCBI Course Materials - Materials from mini-courses, NCBI Field Guide, and courses for librarians

NOTE - NCBI no longer updates its educational materials and tutorials

Ensemble Tutorials

Ensembl Tutorials and Worked Examples is a list of Flash animations of some of training presentations. The list is updated so please, check regularly

Current Protocols in Bioinformatics

 Current Protocols in Bioinformatics
Updated every three months in all formats, "it features step-by-step instructions for working with hundreds of applications and international databases; is designed for research biologists, not computational experts; shows how to select the right software parameters, analyze data, interpret results, generate hypotheses, and advance research to new levels; includes a valuable appendix on user fundamentals and a glossary of bioinformatics terms"

EBI 2Can Support Portal

The 2Can Support Portal- Bioinformatics from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) provides introductions to basic concepts in molecular and cell biology and bioinformatics in order to easier understand EBI tools and databases.

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Vendor Tutorials

GeneSpring GX Software  Agilent Technologies

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) Ingenuity Systems

OpenHelix Tutorials  OpenHelix

Sequencher Gene Codes Corporation

TRANSFAC  BIOBASE Biological Databases

Geneious Pro   Biomatters

Genomics database tutorials

These tutorials correspond to Health Science Center Library workshops on bioinformatics tools offered every semester. If you are interested in attending these workshops please go to this page

NCBI/NLM Bioinformatics Tutorial Series

The NCBI Youtube Channel contains a series of video tutorials on NCBI databases and tools including BLAST, Genome Workbench, Sequence Viewer, etc.

Classes from MIT - Foundations of Computational Biology

University of Florida Home Page

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