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Library Instruction Committee: Resource People

Library Instruction Specialists

Tom Caswell, Architecture & Fine Arts Library


Alan Asher, Music Library 

Mary Edwards, Health Sciences Center Library

Carol McAuliffe, Map & Imagery Library

Sara Gonzalez, Marston Science Library

Tiffany Baglier, Education Library

Judith Roberts, Instructional Consultant

Loren Turner, Legal Information Center

Instructional Design Consultation

Judith Roberts, Instructional Design Consultant

LibAnalytics Coordinator and Liaisons for Instruction Statistics

If you have any questions or suggestions about recording your instruction activities in LibAnalytics, please contact your coordinator below:


ARL Annual Instruction Statistics:  

Coordinator and Library West:  Peter McKay

Departmental Libraries:  Ann Lindell

Marston Science Library:  Sara Gonzalez

Special Collections:  Suzan Alteri

Government Docs/Maps:  Carol McAuliffe

UF LIbraries and "Other": 

ENC 1101 & 1102 and Preview:  

Open Access and Copyright: Consultation and Education

Christine Fruin J.D., MSLIS, 

Scholarly Communications Librarian, Academic and Scholarly Outreach

Tel. (352) 273-2710


Instruction-Registration Coordinators

Library West:  

Marston Science Library:  Sara Gonzalez

Departmental Libraries (Architecture and Fine Arts, Education):  Missy Clapp (interim)

Government Documents/Maps:  Missy Clapp (interim)

Special & Area Studies Collections:  Suzan Alteri

Legal Information Center, TBA

Library Liaisons to Special Units

Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT)

Patrick Reakes, Faculty Institute, Faculty Issues, and Subject Specialists

Judith Roberts:  instructional design and technical tools

Center for Undergraduate Research:  TBA

EDGE:  Michael Howell

Extension Stations:  Valrie Minson

Genetics Institute and Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research:  Tara Cataldo (MSL) and Michele Tennant (HSCL)

Good Life Course:   

Graduate School:  Cindy Craig

Honors Program:  

Innovation Academy:  

International Center:  Neelam Bharti

REEF:  Michael Howell

Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience:  Michelle Leonard

UF Fulbright Stakeholders:  Isabel Silver

Indonesia Working Group:  Isabel Silver



Libraries YouTube Channel

Contact for the Libraries YouTube channel:  UFLIB IT

Data Management and Curation Task Force

Sara Gonzalez

Valrie Minson

Hannan Norton

David Schwieder

Laurie Taylor

Distance Learning Coordinator and Liaisons

Smathers Libraries Campus Distance Learning representative, Patrick Reakes

Distance Learning Dialog Group Coordinator, Isabel Silver

Distance Learning Liaison, Health Affairs Campus, Mary Edwards

CITT Liaison for faculty:  Patrick Reakes

Distance Learning and Copyright, Christine Ross

UF Distance Learning Webpage:


   Co-owners, Patrick Reakes, Isabel Silver, and Mary Edwards


Tutorials and Tutorials Website

Cindy Craig and Mary Edwards, Co-managers, Finding Help, "How Do I...?" Tutorials website

University of Florida Home Page

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