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Library Instruction Committee: Tutorial Project

From LW: 20

8 Tutorials from the business library:
Accounting Research Tutorial
A step-by-step tutorial on how to thoroughly research accounting issues
Business Research Tutorial
How to use the Business Library
Company Research Tutorial
Ten Steps to Company Intelligence
Industry Research Tutorial
Ten Steps to Industry Intelligence
International Business Research Tutorial
Ten Steps to International Business Intelligence
Investment Research Tutorial
Ten Steps to Investment Intelligence
SimplyMap Tutorials
Video tutorials showing how to use SimplyMap to create customized maps and reports
Tax Research Tutorial
Ten Steps to Tax Research
12 video tutorials (mostly general, library-wide services):
How to move the compact shelving
How to use ILL
How to use Ask-A-Librarian
How to print in the UF Libraries
How to use mobile and social tools
How to locate journals by title and subject
How to navigate library west
How to use off-campus access
How to renew books online
How to use the self-checkout machines
How to text call numbers to yourself
How to use course reserves

From MSL: 8

CrossFire - CrossFire provides access to the Beilstein and Gmelin databases. The Beilstein database contains organic substances, Gmelin is used for inorganic chemistry.

Find Articles - Learn the difference between popular and scholarly journal articles and how to find articles when you have a citation, how to pick the best databases to search, and how to find articles by keyword or topic in databases.
(40 minutes)

Knovel - This brief video explains the scope of information contained in Knovel, and how searches within Knovel operate
(3 minutes)

Pub Med - Web-based learning program that will show you how to search PubMed®, the National Library of Medicine's (NLM®) journal literature search system.
(40 minutes)

Avoiding Plagiarism - Sections include What is Plagiarism, the UF Academic Honor Code, Citing Made Easy, and Paraphrasing. The end of each section will have a quiz, to test your knowledge. 

RefWorks - Learn about RefWorks, a free and easy program that helps you compile, maintain, and format bibliographic information.
(20 minutes)

Search Techniques - Find the best articles and books for your paper. Learn to choose search terms by analyzing your research topic, brainstorm alternate terms, and combine search terms and symbols into effective keyword searches.
(20 minutes)

Web of Science - Online tutorial on how to search for material within Web of Science. Also explains how to search, refine, sort, analyze, and export your search results.
(10 minutes)

From HSCL: 25


Pharmacy HSC Library Orientation Intro

WPPD Library Orientation introduction

HSC Library Homepage

Gator1 Card Activation

Remote or Off-Campus Access

Reference Services & Help

eJournals Locator

Locating & Accessing Databases

The Library Doesn’t Own it! How to request it (What to do if it isn’t at the Library)

Online Catalog Introduction 

Finding Books & Journals in the Online Catalog 

Full text or Bibliographic Databases: The Differences 

Combining Search Terms 

PubMed Basics: Contents,  Connecting & Getting Help

PubMed Basic Search

Using MeSH to Search PubMed

PubMed Advanced Search Screen

PubMed Limits Function 

PubMed Search History

PubMed Results

IPA: International Pharmaceutical abstracts: what it is & what it contains

Free Resources

Access Pharmacy


MeSHing Around in PubMed  

Outreach & Instruction

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