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Panama and the Canal at UF: Contact Us

This guide discusses the Smather's Libraries holdings for the Panama Canal Zone, including digital collections.

Who to contact for assistance

Following is contact information that should answer questions about the Panama Canal Museum Collection at the University of Florida.

1. I have a research question or want to know more about the collection.

    Paul Losch (General)  Special Collections - LAC/REF   (352) 273-2747
    Chelsea Dinsmore (Gov’t)  Government Documents/REF   (352) 273-0369
    Margarita Vargas-Betancourt (General)  Special Collections - LAC/REF   (352) 273-2692

2. I have items from Panama/the Panama Canal to donate to the collection.  Please read our Accession Policy here.

    For books contact Michelle Elneil  Acquisitions/Gifts   (352) 273-2671
    For all other items contact Rebecca Fitzsimmons  PCM Collection   (352) 273-2590

3. I want to make a monetary contribution to support the collections.

   Katie Boudreau Library Advancement/Dev/UFF (352) 273-2505
   Gail Burton Development  (352) 273-2505  

4.  I want to join the Friends of the Panama Canal Museum Collection at UF.

    Lela Johnson  Donation Reconciliation   (352) 273-2505
    Misty Swain  Library Administration   (352) 273-2505
    Joe Wood  PCM Friends Executive Council   (850) 284-7902
    Kathy Egolf  PCM Friends Executive Council (727) 412-4152

5. I am bilingual and want to volunteer to help with the PCM Collection.

    Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler  Library Administration   (352) 273-2564
    Paul Losch  Special Collections -LAC/REF (352) 273-2747
    Margarita Vargas-Betancourt  Special Collections - LAC/REF   (352) 273-2692

6. I want to help with exhibits.

    Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler  Library Administration (352) 273-2564

7. I have information to place on the web site.

    Mark Sullivan  IT/Web Site   (352) 273-2907

8. I need a cost estimate for scanning/digitizing materials.

    Lois Widmer  Digital Services   (352) 273-2916

9. I have information/an article for the newsletter.

    Barbara Hood  Communications/Publications   (352) 273-2505

10. I would like to volunteer.

    Jessica Belcoure  Volunteer Coordinator  (352) 273-2502

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