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European Economic Integration: Politics and Policy: News Sources

Created for EUS4212 and POS4931

Suggested News Sources

The Economist  Located in Library West at HG11.E2 and the Legal Information Center at P E197

New York Times Located in Library West on Microfilm

International Herald Tribune

Wall Street Journal Located in Library West on Microfilm

Transitions Online

NewsbankWorld News and World News Archive

Official News Sources

Official EU News Sources

News releases announce decisions, new initiatives. Speeches can be used as policy statements. Rapid is the major news databank for the Commission, covering most aspects of EU activities.

Europa Search Engine

Provides advanced search features for the extensive Europa website.


The European Commission's Central Library database. One can search for books, articles, and documents by and about the EU. Includes links to Internet resources on European affairs.(Europa)

Subject Index to EU Web Sites

Maintained by the Washington Delegation. May point to the top page instead of a specific page within a web site.(Washington Delegation)

Other New Sources

Managed and owned by EUbusiness Ltd in the United Kingdom, and in partnership with ICP Europe Publishing plc, this site seeks to provide free, regularly updated news and information about EU policy, legislation, documents and economic data, linked to premium, paid-for content and services.

An independent news site published by ASBL, a non-profit association registered under Belgian law.

Strives to facilitate efficiency and transparency of that "Community" by providing news monitoring, policy positions, discussion forums and contacts on selected EU affairs topics, complementing the existing institutional websites.

World Newspapers and News Media Guide

A portal to online news sources from around the world.  It is primarily composed of newspapers but also includes many broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies.

University of Florida Home Page

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