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Centers of Excellence at UF: National Recovery Administration

Information on collections developed as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) Collaborative Federal Depository Program (CFDP).


Breaking News!: The final batch of Code of Fair Competition regulations are now available online.

The University of Florida Library's Government Documents Department is actively collecting, cataloging and scanning the publications of the National Recovery Administration toward the creation of a Southeastern Center of Excellence.

About the National Recovery Administration

The National Recovery Administration (NRA) was established in the United States by Executive Order (EO) 6173, on June 16, 1933. Created to develop and administer an industrial code system that would exert controls over industrial pricing, production, trade practices, and labor relations, thereby promoting economic recovery, it was an integral part of the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) (48 Stat. 195).

The NRA encouraged industries to create "codes of fair competition" as a means of reducing competition and setting minimum wages and maximum hours for workers. In 1935, the Supreme Court ruled that the activites of the NRA were unconstitutional and the administration quickly ceased operation, however many of the labor provisions, developed under the NRA, reappeared in the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act), passed later the same year.

The NRA, symbolized by the Blue Eagle (a blue-colored representation of the American thunderbird) was popular with workers. Businesses that supported the NRA put the symbol in their shop windows and on their packages. Though membership to the NRA was voluntary, businesses that did not display the eagle were very often boycotted, making it seem to many mandatory for survival.

NRA Blue Eagle

NRA Blue Eagle


The phrase Center of Excellence is used throughout this guides as it is used within the U.S. FDLP to identify a library establishing a collection and related services focused on a specific Federal agency or subject area represented by Federal documents. This is distinct from, and unrelated to, the Florida program of the same name that is intended to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

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