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Centers of Excellence at UF: Natl. Com. on Libraries and Information Science

Information on collections developed as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) Collaborative Federal Depository Program (CFDP).


The University of Florida Library's Government Documents Department is actively collecting and cataloging the publications of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) toward the creation of a Southeastern Center of Excellence. As materials are identifed they are digitized and made availabe at

About the he National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

The National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) was an agency in the United States government between 1970 and 2008. The activities of the Commission were consolidated into the Institute of Museum and Library Services.



The phrase Center of Excellence is used throughout this guides as it is used within the U.S. FDLP to identify a library establishing a collection and related services focused on a specific Federal agency or subject area represented by Federal documents. This is distinct from, and unrelated to, the Florida program of the same name that is intended to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

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