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HSC Library Space: Second Floor Renovation - 2015

This guide offers Health Science Center students, faculty, and staff information about HSC Library renovation.

Second floor renovation - Important Dates

  • July 23 - July 2: Print materials shifted on second and third floors.  Computers removed from second floor.
  • July 6 - July 10: Shelving and furniture removed from second floor.
  • July 13 - September 7: Second floor closed for construction.  Expect some noise on the first floor.
  • September 8 - October 19: Construction in staff spaces on third floor.

We Asked You...

We asked you what you thought about our current library space and what you would like to see in an ideal library space.  The attached presentation shows what you said on our spring 2015 survey about the HSC Library space.  We also received input through whiteboard comments and focus groups.  Thanks for letting us know what you think!

What's Going on with the HSCL Renovation?

AUGUST 13, 2015
If you peek in from the stairwell, it doesn't look like much, but our construction team is busy working on re-doing some of our electrical work.  Here's a picture of what's going on inside one of the individual study rooms.

JULY 28, 2015
Wondering what's been happening on the second floor?  We're just finishing up asbestos abatement.  Here are some pictures of the floor as we were moving our remaining materials and furniture out and preparing for abatement.

JULY 9, 2015

The second floor is now closed as we remove the final furniture and equipment from the space, in preparation for the true start of renovation on Monday.  Room C2-3 (the computer classroom) will still be available during this time, as will conference rooms C2-41A and C2-41C.  Take a look at the map below to see how to get to C2-41A and C2-41C while the rest of the library is closed.  You can call the Information Desk (352-273-8412) if  you need help finding this entrance.

JULY 8, 2015

We've been busy condensing materials on the third floor so that we can move the books from the second floor up.  Monday is the start of renovations on the second floor and the inside of the library will be entirely blocked off for asbestos abatement.


JUNE 23, 2015

Since our successful renovation of the first floor in 2011-2012, the HSC Library has been interested in bringing similar updates to the library's second floor.  Thanks to the input of many HSC students, faculty, and staff we have finalized an open design that provides more individual study space, power and computers, and comfortable seating.

Here's what we know so far about when everything will be happening:

  • June 23 - July 2:  Print journals will be shifted on the third floor, and print books will be moved from the second floor to the third floor.  This will involve some noise.  Also during this time, computers will be removed gradually from the second floor.
  • July 6 - July 10:  Shelving and furniture will be removed from the second floor.
  • July 13 - August 21:  Second floor will be closed for construction.  This includes some drilling through the ceiling of the first floor - which will be noisy.  During this time, the conferences rooms C2-41A and C2-41C will be available (through reservation, as they are now).  During part of this time, some of the second floor study rooms may be available.
  • August 24 - October 19: Some smaller changes will be made in staff spaces on the third floor.  This may also involve some noise.

One of our main goals during the renovation is to minimize the impact of noise and space closures during the fall semester, but that means we will have noise for much of the remainder of the summer.  We understand that having parts of the library closed and noisier than usual is an inconvenience for those of you who frequently use our space; please feel free to bring your concerns and questions to library staff throughout this process and we will try to accommodate you in whatever ways we can.  You may also email and your question will go directly to our renovation team.

As we learn more details about the timeline or have pictures of the renovation's progress we will post them here.

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