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Instructional Design techniques and training information


Welcome!  This guide contains information about developing learning. I've included references to useful resources and information from the Internet. I hope you find this guide useful. I am also available for instructional design consultation. Feel free to contact me for assistance, and as you browse this site, please share your feedback and ideas with me.




NPR Audio Clip on Active Learning

Active Learning at UF's Warrington College

UF's Warrington College is leading the way with its Active Learning Studio with student-centered classrooms to encourage students to actively engage in learning.  Visit the Active Learning Studio at

Active Learning

"What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand" - old Chinese proverb


Using activities in your lessons is a great way to ensure learners perform tasks to accomplish the objectives you set for them.  This enables them to secure the true knowing that comes only from deep learning, and thus paves the way for them to move from passive learners to active ones.

Debriefing Active Learning

Debriefing Learning Activities with EDIT

Debriefing is structured in a way that guides the learner to recall and discuss what he/she experienced. It involves open-ended, reflective questions the instructor uses and follows a sequential process I refer to as EDIT, which stands for:

  • Experience – Name and discuss the experience (learning activity)
  • Description – Describe what happened
  • Inference – What can you infer from this
  • Transfer – How will you utilize what you’ve learned back on the job, when you are researching, etc.?


Debriefing PDF File

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