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Gifts & Exchange Programs

Gifts and Exchanges are two separate programs that have been helping to build collections for decades. The primary focus of both programs is to contribute to the library's primary mission of supporting research and instruction.

Gifts Program - The gifts program is located on the 4th floor of Smathers Library East and is managed by the Acquisitions Department of University of Florida Smathers Libraries. The program is responsible for accepting, distributing, and routing a large amount and variety of gift materials donated to the libraries.  Currently gifts are accepted and selected using a new set of policiesThe value of material gifts: (1) gifts are an excellent way to expand collections without having to directly purchase the books and materials from a vendor or publisher; (2) often the books and materials fill gaps in the collections or replace lost items missing from library shelves;  (3), and on occasion gifts are rare or collectible items added to Special & Area Studies collections.


Exchange Program – the exchange program is also located on the 4th floor of the Smathers Library East building and is managed by the Acquisitions Department. The program is responsible for establishing and managing exchange agreements where print materials are bartered with other academic libraries, research centers, and art centers around the U. S. and the world. Currently the Smathers Libraries have over 150 journal subscriptions and receive dozens of monographs from exchange partner institutions that bolster our collections.

Gifts & Exchange Staff

Gifts & Exchange Programs
Bruce Fraleigh
Gifts Asst.
Steven B. Carrico
Department Chair

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