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Aleph@UF: Create a spreadsheet from Print 03

Cataloging procedures and policies

Create a spreadsheet from Print 03

Create a spreadsheet from Print 03

Create a list in Find in Aleph - Save it with a short name

Or input file in Aleph Staff Menu -

In Aleph:

Services->Retrieve Catalog Records-> Download Machine Readable Records (print 03)

Input file = (your file)

Output file = (your file name)-out

Field 1 = 245##

Field 2 = (field##)

Field 3 = (field##), etc.

Format = Aleph Sequential


Go to Aleph Staff Menu -

Find the file and download it.

Move it from Downloads to Desktop

Macro Express - Run sequential-reader [in Other]

Input the fields you asked for in Aleph – one at a time.

Open new file and copy into Excel.

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