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Aleph@UF: Treatment of Videorecordings When a DVD and a BluRay Are Purchased in the Same Container

Cataloging procedures and policies

Local Treatment of DVD and Blu-ray Discs Purchased Together as a Set

Distributors sometimes market a videorecording title as two discs, one a DVD and the other Blu-ray disc, in the same case. This creates complications because Library West decided about a year ago to create a new section for Blu-ray discs with a different accession number. Because the two formats are found together in one container under one title, it was decided that it would not be appropriate to use separate bib records. The solution was to create two separate holding records with different accession numbers based on format. Below is a brief procedure for how to do this. Eventually this will be included in a larger, updated  procedure covering the cataloging of videorecordings. The following assumes that all necessary maintenance to the bib record has already been done.

  • Place the Blu-ray disc and the DVD in two separate DVD cases. Do not leave the Blu-ray disc in the Blu-ray case because it will not fit securely in the security cases used by the branches. Remove the cover insert from the Blu-ray case and insert it under the plastic of the DVD case to retain as much information as possible.
  • Each disc should have its own item record with a different barcode.
  • Create separate holding records for each format. The collection code will differ for Blu-ray and DVD discs.
  • Run the accession number macro for both using the appropriate accession number for the format.
  • From this point on, the procedure is identical to the one for  DVDs or Blu-ray discs  cataloged on individual records.
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