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Germanic Studies: German Microforms in the UF Library

German Microforms in UF Libraries & Center for Research Libraries

Because of their size, many large microform sets do not have individual author and title entries in our catalog. Because of their cost, some of them have been bought in cooperation with other libraries and are housed at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in Chicago, which also provides many newspapers and a comprehensive foreign dissertation service to its member libraries. The UF Catalog and CRL's online catalog have information about individual titles in many sets, but for some the user must consult the guides to the various sets and also CRL's Topic Guides.  Some titles are now available online. For the rest Interlibrary Services will ask CRL about holdings if necessary and will arrange loans. Material borrowed from CRL may normally be used until another user needs it.

This list concentrates on collections. Books, journals, and film of specific archives that are fully accessible at UF. Collections held locally have a call number and are located in the Microform/Microfiche section on the 3rd floor of Library West unless another campus library location is specified. Collections at the Center for Research Libraries are denoted by (CRL). A few non-microform collections at CRL have been included in the interest of making them more widely known.



Archival Materials

  1. The Center for Research Libraries has film of the Nazi Party Archives for 1934-1945, many of the German Foreign Ministry records from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that were seized after World War II, the records of the Allied Commission for Austria, and many records from the World War II war crimes trials. It participates in the filming of materials from the Austrian State Archives relating to the major European powers between 1848 and 1918. The Center also has a number of smaller archival holdings. Within limits, CRL will also acquire on request additional microfilm from the captured records and from the Bundesarchiv. See its Topic Guides for more information. See also Der Kirchenkampf under Religion below.


  1. Marburger Index

    Over half a million photographs of German art, architecture, furniture and utensils. The collection is arranged geographically and a descriptive inventory with indexes is in preparation.


  1. Deutsches biographisches Archiv
    (UF LIBRARY WEST Microfiche (3rd Floor )DD85 .D481 1982

    Entries from 254 biographical dictionaries published between 1707 and 1913 are combined in a single alphabetical sequence, but with a supplement. There is also a hard copy index at REF DD85.D485. A second series draws from biographical works published after 1913.

Census Data

  1. International Population Census Publications
    (Austria UF LIBRARY WEST Microfilm (3rd Floor) -- HA39.E85A9 ) (German Democratic Republic: HA39.E85E2) (Federal Republic of Germany: HA39.E85G4)

    Consists of official census publications listed in the International Population Census Bibliography prepared by the Population Research Center of the University of Texas.
  2. Western European Census Reports, 1960 Census Period
    Microfiche edition of all titles listed in Blake, Judith. Western European Censuses, 1960.


  1. The Center for Research Libraries has one of the world's largest collections of foreign dissertations. If they cannot fill a request from their holdings, they will attempt to acquire a copy. CRL also has significant collections of Habilitationsschriften and of Programmschriften. Most of these titles are now listed in the Center's Catalog

Early Printed Books

See also Literature, Religion, and Women's Studies

  1. German Books Before 1601 (CRL)
    Books Printed in the Netherlands and Belgium Before 1601 (CRL)
    Scandinavian Culture Series (CRL)

    Three very selective efforts to document books printed before 1601 (before 1700 for Scandinavia). Titles are being added to the CRL Catalog, but these are all continuing projects, and the Center will answer inquiries about the availability of any title likely to have been filmed for one of these series.
  2. Flugschriftensammlung Gustav Freytag: vollständige Wiedergabe der 6265 Flugschriften aus dem 15. bis 17. Jahrhundert sowie des Katalogs von Paul Hohenemser auf Microfiche
    (UF LIBRARY WEST Microfiche (3rd Floor) -- DD175.S821 1980)

    The title of the set is somewhat misleading. Most of the 6265 items are indeed pamphlets of two to fifty pages or so, but there are many books of 100 pages and not a few of several hundred. Most are from the 16th century, but about 2000 are from the 17th, mostly the period of the Thirty Years' War. There are 95 incunabula and about 200 titles from the 18th century. Paul Hohenemser's catalog of the collection is on fiche with the set and also at Z2222.H7.

Government Publications

  1. UF's extensive holdings in hard copy and microform are supplemented by the Center for Research Libraries, which is especially strong in older statistical publications and in parliamentary proceedings for Germany before 1933 and for Austria from 1861 to the present. See their Topic Guides and Catalog for details. See also the sections above on archival materials and on census data.
  2. Reichstag. Stenographische Berichte. [for Weimar Republic] (3,000 fiche) UF LIBRARY WEST Microfiche (3rd Floor) -- 328.43G373v   
  3. Prussia (Kingdom) Landtag. Stenographische Berichte. 1849-1870 (over 1,000 fiche) UF LIBRARY WEST Microfiche (3rd Floor) --328.431P972s


See also Early Printed Books and Music and the Center for Resarch Libraries' Topic Guide to German Literature.

  1. Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur: Mikrofiche-Gesamtausgabe nach der Taschengoedeke
    (UF LIBRARY WEST Microfiche (3rd Floor) -- PT1101.B521)

    Accompanied by a printed guide edited by Axel Frey with title: Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur : Bibliographie und Register : Mikrofiche-Gesamtausgabe nach Angaben des Taschengoedeke. UF LIBRARY WEST: Reference Microform Guide (3rd Floor) -- PT1101.B521 1999

    19,963 microfiches contain almost 15,000 titles by 2500 authors, a record of printed German literature from the 16th centry through the end of the 19th. The index is alphabetical by author, but with useful listings by time period, region, and type of work. Some non-literary titles are included.
  2. German Baroque Literature


    Microfilm copies of all titles listed in Faber du Faur, Curt. German Baroque Literature: A Catalog of the Collection in the Yale University Library (REF Z2232.Y3 1958). There is also a guide to the microfilm set at Z2232.Y353. Individual authors and titles are also listed on OCLC. Some non-literary titles are included.

  3. German Baroque Literature: Harold Jantz Collection
    (UF LIBRARY WEST Microfilm (3rd Floor) -- PT1126.G4741 Positive)

    Accompanied by guide: German Baroque literature : a descriptive catalogue of the collection of Harold Jantz and a guide to the collection on microfilm. UF LIBRARY WEST: Reference Microform Guide (3rd Floor) -- PT1126.G4741 Guide

  4. German Drama

    A selective collection on microcard. Titles are listed in the Center's Catalog, but this is a continuing project and one should inquire about the availability of any title likely to be included.


  1. Albert Schatz Collection of Opera Librettos

    CRL has a complete set of this Library of Congress collection.
  2. Herzog-August-Bibliothek. Libretti: die bis 1800 erschienenen Textbücher

    Contains 1743 17th and 18th century librettos, in the original languages.


  1. In addition to the online German-language newspapers, UF has several paper subscriptions and has backfiles on microfilm of a number of 19th and early 20th century papers. We rely on the Center for Research Libraries to provide microfilm of current newspapers and to supplement our holdings of earlier titles. The Center has current microfilm subscriptions to representative newspapers from the various regions of Germany and to a few titles from Austria and Switzerland. CRL also has a sizeable collection of German-American newspapers, described in the Topic Guides and also searchable.


  1. Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Papers and Manuscripts ("Nachlass"), 1914-1951

    A microfilm copy of his papers, made in Austria and Britain by Cornell.


See also Early Printed Books above for Reformation material and Women's Studies below for theology and witchcraft.

  1. Der Kirchenkampf, the Gutteridge-Micklem Collection held in the Bodleian Collection

    Microfiches of published material, reports, memoranda, correspondence and manuscripts documenting the struggles of the German churches during the Nazi period. Most of the material comes from the Bekennende Kirche, but other groups are also represented.
  2. The Lutheran Reformation, Sources 1500-1650. Section I: Germany

    Microfiches of some 400 titles. Note that the works of Luther, Melanchthon, and others available in modern critical editions are not included.
  3. Reformed Protestantism

    Microfiches of 16th and 17th century theological works and of some secondary material. The Center currently holds the following parts:
      • Heinrich Bullinger and the Zürich Reformation Geneva Strasbourg France Netherlands and Germany
  4. Radical Reformation, Section 1. Mennonite and Related Sources up to 1600

    Approximately 600 titles on microfiche, including works by David Joris and other early Mennonite publications and also a variety of early tracts about Anabaptists. CRL can provide a list of titles included.

Science and Technology

  1. Landmarks of Science
    (UF MARSTON SCIENCE LIBRARY Doc Microprint - Ask Staff -- 508L257)

    A continuing collection that now includes over 5000 books and journals from the beginning of printing to the early 20th century. Much of the collection is in microprint, but the most recent additions are on microfilm. A guide to the collection and a file of author and title cards are available at the Science and Engineering Library. Author and title entries for most titles are now in Virgo.
  2. German and Axis Technology Reports

    A collection made by British and American intelligence at the end of World War II. See the CRL Topic Guides for bibliographic information.

Women's Studies

  1. Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945

    This collection includes 929 German monographs and a small but important group of periodicals. It is particularly strong on women's organizations, on socialism, on Jewish women, and on the Swiss women's movement. There are also some titles from Scandinavia and the Netherlands as well as many items in English and French. The dates in the title are somewhat misleading; most of the material appeared between 1860 and 1930. Access to the set is through a three-volume index available in the Microform Room.
  2. History of Women

    (UF LIBRARY WEST Microfilm (3rd Floor) -- HQ1121.H581)

    The collection includes over 8,000 books, 2000 pamphlets, 117 periodicals, 80,000 pages of manuscript, and over 800 photographs, all from before 1920. Although its strongpoint is the materials on women in America, History of Women also includes many important European sources.  Printed guide: UF LIBRARY WEST: Reference Microform Guide (3rd Floor) -- HQ1121.H581 Index

  3. Witchcraft in Europe and America

    (UF LIBRARY WEST Microfilm (3rd Floor) -- BF1563.W58 1983)                                                                                                                                                       Contains 1,099 works originally published from the 15th to the early 20th century and attempts to show the social and intellectual background that made the persecutions possible.

    Guide: UF LIBRARY WEST: Reference Microform Guide (3rd Floor) -- BF1563.W58 1983

World War II

  1. Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe, 1940-1945

    A selection of materials from the Public Record Office (FO 371). 183 reels document the German occupation and the public reaction to it.
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