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Shared Collections Cataloging Unit: Pre-Tray Processing Manual

Information for and about the Shared Collections Cataloging Unit.

Using This Manual

The purpose of this manual is to detail FLARE processing policies and procedures. It is a work in progress.

It was developed by Tabatha Pursley, Sarah Prentice, and Madison Curry, in conjunction with Naomi Young and Hank Young.

Some of the instructions covered in this manual are specific to the type of institution.

  • State University System (SUS) Universities are public universities within the state of Florida, like the University of Central Florida. 
  • Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida (ICUF) are private, not-for-profit, educational institutions based in Florida, like the University of Miami.
  • The University of Florida (UF): The Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF), The Marston Science Library (MSL)

Training manuals, which are more detailed workflows for each project, are available in the manual as well.

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