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Shared Collections Cataloging Unit: Monographic Series Linking

Information for and about the Shared Collections Cataloging Unit.

Monographic Series Linking

Updated February 2011

This procedure will help catalog users find all the titles associated with a monographic series, even if they know only the title of the series. It applies when you are revising records for a monographic series that has been partially or fully analyzed, or for a monographic series that has been classed separately. Use it only when there is already a series record in Aleph (suppressed or not).

Begin with the series (serial) record in the client. If it has been suppressed (according to older policy), remove the STA SUPPRESSED field.

In the web catalog, choose "series" from the drop-down menu box and search the series title. Copy the URL from your search results. For example,

searching New directions for philanthropic fundraising gives this URL:

To remove the session info, take out the characters that come after the ‘si’ on link:

Now, take the URL with the session information removed, and paste it in the $y of an 856 field in each HOL record. The completed URL should be coded like this:

856:42:$y Click HERE for additional titles in series $u

Optionally, you can place the following characters: “&so=  ” along with the codes

 "au” - author

“cnuf” - call number

“pn” - publication date – newest

“po” - publication date – oldest

 “ti” -  title

On the end of the search URL you have created, in order to make the search results sort in a specific way. For example, to the base URL

Add  &so=au to sort by author

Add &so=po to sort by Pub. Date (oldest) -

Add &so=ti by title -


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