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Precision Public Health: Datasets - County Level

This guide documents the initative to develop a infrastructure of precision public health @UF


Dataset Topics

Area Health Resources Files (AHRF)

Compiled from more than 60 sources.

Includes county, state and national-level files in 8 broad areas:

  • Health Care Professions
  • Health Facilities
  • Population Characteristics
  • Economics
  • Health Professions Training
  • Hospital Utilization
  • Hospital Expenditures
  • Hospital Environment

Grants: Active & Awarded

 Over 6,000 Grants Awarded Annual for:

  • Access to  Essential Health Care for Underserved Populations
  • Elimination of  Health Disparities

Health Center Service Delivery and Look-Alike Sites

Information about federally-funded health centers

Health Centers defined as:

  •  Community-based
  • Serving populations with limited access to health care

Organ Donation and Transplantation

Dataset includes:

  • Complete contact information for United States based organ transplant centers (OTC)
  • Includes which organ(s) each OTC transplants

Primary Care Service Areas

 Dataset based on 2010 census tract geography and data from health policy makers


  • Primary care resources
  • Nationwide Patient utilization patterns in small standardized areas




Most datasets available in formats (CSV, Excel) Select few also include (SAS, ASCII)
Metadata and/or Technical Information available

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