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HEART-IM- a guide to heath and the environment and narrative medicine: Graphic novels and medicine

This guide serves as a resource site for materials supporting the elective HEART-IM and materials related to teachings about nature and health, nature and observation, reflective writing and narrative medicine.

Recommended Reading

Highlighted Graphic Artist

Brian Fies is a writer who covers science, particularly emerging technologies.  His other life is that of a artist who focuses on cartooning and creating graphic novels.  His outstanding graphic medicine novel "Mom's Cancer."  


The novel, Mom's Cancer, resonated with many who felt he uniquely captured certain shared emotional responses to a family member's illness, and readers told Fies they were glad to learn they were not alone.  For Fies, the graphic approach approach was the best way for him to tell the story,   "Comics were the right medium for the story I wanted to tell.  They meld words and pictures to convey an idea with more economy and grace than either could alone."  


He and his family lost their Santa Rosa home to the fires in October.  As a graphic novelist, his response was to draw and write about he processed this great lose.  His cartoons were made into a brief video that can be accessed here:  

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