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Chemical Engineering: Home

A guide to the Chemical Engineering subject resources available from the University of Florida Libraries.

Book & Journal Browsing

Chemical engineering books are on the 4th Floor in the Marston Science Library. Journals are on the 1st and 3rd floors. If you would like to browse the books & journals, use the below chart to determine the relevant call number range. Otherwise, search the library catalog to find books by subject, title and author.

Call #Subject
TP155-156 General
TP200-248 Manufacturing
TP250-261 Electrochemistry
TP315-360 Fuels
TP480-498 Cyrogenics
TP670-699 Oils, fats, waxes
TP1080-1185 Polymer engineering

Getting Started At The Library

How do I find books or journals on a specific topic?

The Library Catalog lists all the items that the library owns or to which it has a subscription. You can search the catalog for a specific book title or author. You can also search for items related to a specific topic or subject. Journal subscriptions are also listed in the catalog, but you will need to use a database to find individual articles in those journals. For example, if you were looking for articles about pesticides published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the Catalog will tell you if we have JACS in the library, but you would need to search the JACS website, or a database, to see if there are any pesticide articles published in it. Tips for searching can be found on the Books & E-Books page. Links to online books and journals are also contained within the catalog. More information about electronic books is also on the Books & E-Books page.

If you are specifically looking for a Masters thesis or a Doctoral dissertation, visit the Dissertations page.

How do I find a specific journal article for which I have a citation?

Visit the About Article Citations page for information on deciphering various citation styles and locating articles using the Catalog.

How do I find journal articles on a specific topic?

Use a journal article database. Databases cover different subjects, different journals, and different time periods. It's a good idea to try searching more than one database. If you are trying to decide which database is appropriate for your research, look at the suggested databases on the Chem Eng Databases page.

How can I make a copy of pages in a print book or journal?

Marston Science Library has multifunction machines located on the second (main) and first floors. These machines can print, copy, or scan. Copies cost $0.10 (b/w) and $0.50 (color) per page through your Gator 1 card, to which you must add value for vending services at There is also a vending machine outside of Einstein's Bagels (on the ground floor of the Hub) which accepts cash to add value to your Gator1 card. If you wish to obtain a departmental copier account, contact the Gator 1 card office. You can also check out most journals to photocopy articles elsewhere. Scanners are also available on the second (main) and first floors to make a PDF of the article which you can then save on a USB drive, burn to a CD, or email to yourself.

What if the library doesn't have the book or journal subscription that I need?

Use the free Interlibrary Loan Service. We can borrow a book or obtain a copy of a journal article on your behalf. Be sure that you are looking in the catalog for the journal and not just through the e-journal locator. We have an increasing number of journals online but older volumes of many titles are still available only in print format. The print journals in Marston are shelved by call number and date: volumes after 1990 are on the 3rd floor and before 1990 on the 1st floor.

How do I access library resources from off campus?

See this page for information on connecting to licensed resources from off-campus.

Do we have access to XYZ Standard?

There is information about Standards on the Chem Eng Databases page. The only standards we have are ASTM Standards in print, in the Reference Section of Marston. In general, we do NOT have ISO or other standards. If you are in need of a specific non-ASTM standard, please contact me.

How can I find specific chemical information or chemical pricing?

The Property Data page lists databases that allow you to search by chemical compound identifier, chemical structure or sub-structure, or physical property. The Chemical Prices page has some resources to help you find market price information. However, because of the commercial value of such information, it is hard to come by in the public or academic realm.

Are there any tools to help me manage my references and format my papers?

Yes! The Citation Management page has information on programs that are available to you, free of charge, that will be very helpful.

Where can I find more information?

  • Your subject librarian's contact information is to the right. Feel free to contact her with any questions you may have.
  • Visit the Marston Science Library Reference Desk (hours), or call (352) 273-2872.
  • For general library reference questions, try the Ask A Librarian service.
  • Links to UF, national, and international organizations in your field can be found on the Organizations tab.

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