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About Me

Hello my name is Cody... and my areas of interest are Physics and Mathematics. 



For my seminar, I attended an introduction to refworks. Refworks is a very useful tool to compile and organize research sources from various different databases and written sources. This has always been a great hassle for me to do before my knowledge of refworks.  I often did my research months before the completion of the paper. Often I would forget where my information comes and then I would have to spend countless hours to rediscover all the information that I already researched. Refworks allow me to organize and categorize this information so that I can always use it throughout the research process. Refworks also allows me to compile citations and manipulate what form I use as well as what sources are used. This aspect has never been a problem before since I often just used a website for the same purpose.

I was actually really surprised to find out how easy Refworks was to use. Most databases have some kind of function that allows you to import sources straight to refworks. This also allows you to keep track of various articles at the beginning of the research process even if many of them will never actually be used. Another useful function is to import articles from your desktop. Worst case scenario, you can always just type in the source’s information in order to save articles from any particularly difficult databases.

Research Topic

My topic is the characteristics of neutrinos and recent experimental developments as well as their application in modern research.

Final Assignment

Final Assignment

Research Reference Article

Search Headings

I can browse for books on my topic in these areas: 

Call number ranges: 
•    QC 793-793.5 Elementary Particle Phyiscs
•    QC 770-798 Nuclear and Particle Physics                                                          •    QC 170-192 Molecular Physics, Relativity, Quantum Theory

Subject headings:
•    Neutrinos
•    Particles ( Nuclear physics)
•    Nuclear Physics
•    Large Hadron Collider(France and Switzerland)

Center of International Science and Technology



I used APA since it is often used in the field of science. I used refworks to compile this, however some sources were difficult to transport in so I had to type in the information.


Bilenky, S. (2013). Neutrino. Physics of Particles and Nuclei,44(1), 1-46. doi: 10.1134/S1063779613010024

Bouchez, J. (2005). Neutrinos. In D. Kazakov, & G. Smadja (Eds.), Particle physics and cosmology: The interface NATO science series (188th ed., pp. 111-170) Springer Netherlands.

Long-baseline neutrino experiment - FermiLab. (2013). Retrieved April 7, 2013, from

Zuber, K. (2012). Neutrino physics (2nd ed. ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Retrieved from University of Florida Library Catalog; Mango Discovery;

Annotations to Resources

Boolean Expression

What is a neutrino?



    Detection Image at MiniBooNE

      Neutrino- Matter Interaction

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