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First-Year Writing (ENC 1101 and 1102): Home

Taking ENC 1101 or 1102? Take a look at what we've gathered for you here.

The Value of Information

If you are a student, you need to understand the importance of information.  In fact, if you are a human being, you need to understand it.  Watch.

So you're in First-Year Writing...


You're taking ENC 1101 or 1102. You have to write papers. Your papers require you to perform research on your topics. That's where this guide comes in!

We've gathered lots of resources for you to use throughout your entire research process-- from thinking about topics to getting to know the libraries, to performing actual research, and even to writing your paper!

  • Tips for building a great paper topic
  • Project Starters
  • Library Services
  • RefWorks

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