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ENC 3246: Professional Communication for Engineers: Recommending an Engineering Application

These resources are designed to help you with your Recommending an Engineering Application assignment.

Citing a Screenshot?

If you have taken a screenshot of your app, you need to cite the app. Apps can be cited as websites, either accessible through the Google Play or the iTunes Store.


Image of Kindle App

Figure 1. Kindle allows you to customize your reading experience.

Citing a Figure from an Article?

In order to cite figure from a journal article, you need to cite the journal article from which the figure was taken.


Figure 1 doi: 10.1109/TIA.2017.2660462

Figure 1: Classification of various AMs for PLF in [1].

More Citation Examples

IEEE Citation Reference Guide

Use this resource to cite:

  • Books (including Handbooks & Reports)
  • Conference Technical Articles
  • Online Sources
  • Patents, Standards, Theses, Unpublished Material
  • Periodicals
  • Reference

Trade Publications

You may find app examples in these trade publications:
University of Florida Home Page

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