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Monica's LibGuide!

Hello! My name is Monica...

I am a sophomore student in the College of Health and Human Performance and majoring in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

As you can see from my picture I am a kid at heart.

Contact Information

I prefer being emailed:

Put in Subject Bar 'IDS 4930' so I won't skip over it.

Research Topic

My research topic will be:

     How should an American citizen prepare for traveling out of the country?

 The research will answer this question from a business standpoint like from a travel agency.

First Library Research Video

This is my first attempt at making an instructional video about how to do research.

Second Video - RefWorks 2.0 Demo

Here is my second video: a demo for RefWorks 2.0 but with no audio because my voice would be a liability. Instead there is an awesome PowerPoint.

Library Resources

Here are various library resources that can be helpful.

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Article

Who among us has not used Google? Everything we could ever think about finding: famous people, important facts, images of a famous painting, or pictures of LOLcats can be found easily and quickly on Google. Yet the opinion the Carr gives in the article ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’ is logical in how new technology changes and how it changes the people who use it. There is no doubt that the invention of writing changed the fate of the human race since it led  to the recording of information and documentation of what civilization saw as important such as taxes, religion, the arts, and much more. The next invention was the printing press which made books easier and cheaper to make. This let printed material to be spread more quickly and to more people rather than just the wealthy. Both of these inventions changed the course of human history and with the internet being a recent invention in human history it has being making long strides in changing our world.

Now, the most important part of his article was the opinion that our brain pattern is being altered from the use of the internet. In a way he does have a point when he claims that people are acquiring shorter attention-spans because of the quickness and easiness of internet searches. People just have to type in whatever they are searching for in Google and Google gives it to them. Compare that to a search for something in a library! That would take more time and more effort to find what we are looking for. Additionally, his discussion on how he has noticed the change in his mental abilities is similar to something we could all say has happened to us at least once. For example, say we are reading a book but we get sidetracked leading to what we read becoming a blank in our memory making us have to re-read the passage we left off at.

However, what I am skeptical of in Carr’s article is how much internet usage could be causing this new phenomenon? Are people who are heavy internet users more likely to show this problem or can this be solved by less dependence on the computer?

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