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Nygren Studio Guide: Home

For Collaboration & Digital Scholarship


Scott Nygren Scholars Studio
212 Library West
University of Florida


Lynda Resources provides video and written training for software used in the Studio. To explore resources beyond those listed in this guide, log in to UFIT for complete access.

Weekly Lab Hours

Summer 2018 Lab Hours 

Lab hours for the Studio are currently being scheduled by appointment through your subject specialist for a one on one consultation. For questions regarding digital humanities projects contact Tiffany Esteban at or 352-273-2875. The Nygren Studio will also be available for event and meeting reservations. For more questions on reservations, see the Nygren Studio scheduling page for more information.


What is Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities, also known more commonly as DH, is an area of scholarship at the intersection of digital technology and humanities disciplines, which brings a traditional humanistic perspective to the use of technology. DH is about using humanistic training, and our unique methods of analysis to better understand how digital tools can provide richer answers to questions both old and new.

The Scott Nygren Scholars Studio

Located in Library West, the Nygren Studio is an emerging community center for digital scholarship and digital humanities at the University of Florida. Open to faculty and graduate students to support collaborative DH/DS research and practice, the Nygren Studio offers the technology necessary for users to make new intellectual contributions in their fields. 

Digital Humanities: Advances thought/practice of humanities

Digital Scholarship: Achieves academic and research goals

Lab hours for the Studio are currently being scheduled by appointment through your subject specialist for a one on one consultation. Graduate students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

If you are interested in learning more about resources in the Nygren Studio, contact Tiffany Esteban at or 352-273-2875.

Digital Humanities @ UF

Get involved and learn more about digital humanities/digital scholarship at the University of Florida:

University of Florida Home Page

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