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Tatiana's Video Games and Education Guide: Home

About Me

I'm Tatiana.

Hola! I'm Tatiana. I love video games , computers, and psychology. (And a whole load of other things)

Video Games and Education

Video games can be beneficial to the educational values of students when utilized correctly and efficently. With the right games and resources it can be a great investment for their future. 

Check out this wiki page for a collection of games for possible educational benefits. (I'm building it as I go with the assistance of the EME4406 class)

IDS 4930 "Where are all your assignments!?" Guide

Under Resource/Reference Tab

Topic and Reference Source

Call Number Ranges and Subject Headings

Favorite Databases

Citations and Annotated Bibliography

Government Document – Effective Intervention or Child’s Play

Access to Reference Article- PDFs if links do not function (which is most likely)  

Endnote Web Information


Under Homework Tab

Research Process Podcast

Keywords Chart

Final Assignment!

Tab Information

Home This tab will have general information



This tab will have sources in accordance to topic.

It also may have resources in reference to tools that may be helpful in research

Media This tab will have videos pertaining to education, technology, and games. (Also, anything related to topic

This tab holds my asssignments for IDS 4930

Help This tab may or may not be helpful.
Procrastination Station Bored? Great! This tab is for you.
University of Florida Home Page

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