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Cataloging procedures and policies
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Aleph@UF includes cataloging procedures and policies used by the Cataloging and Metadata Department, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.  Please send corrections and suggestions for new procedures to the Catalog Problems mailbox -



    07-15-14 The procedure for handling Blu-ray/DVD combos has been updated to reflect the fact that we no longer retain the original Blu-ray case.

    02-17-14  I have added a brief procedure for the case when  DVD and Blu-ray discs are sold together in one case. They should not be left together when cataloged. The procedure is under Audio-Visual Material. Doug

    12-11-13  The guidelines for dealing with looseleaf materials in Storage may be found under the Storage Tab.  Connect directly at . Quick summary: Use the record you can find. Don't fret. Do what you can and move on. - Naomi 

    11-25-13  A complete reworking of the procedure for monographs with accompanying non-print material is now available. The old one still had many elements from NOTIS. Please note that there has been one major change. We will no longer be using the pt.n-of-m captioning when a monograph has accompanying material physically separated from the primary text. We will now use a basic term that describes the non-print resource such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. Please look over the procedure and let me know if you have any suggestions or notice an error - Doug. 

    10-15-13 Richard Phillips would like us to place any adds to existing records on a review shelf for him to look over and decide if he really wants to keep them. Just to be clear, this is only for LAC approvals, not for copy adds ordered individually. Typically only Copy Cataloging staff and Peter encounter these adds from the LAC approvals. If you aren’t sure whether an add should be reviewed, ask Peter or Doug. The shelf is located in the area we share with Special Collections. Go toward Betsy’s office. As you enter the room shared with Special Collections, the shelf is immediately to your right on the top shelf. Copy Cataloging staff should pull adds that Richard selects from the second shelf. Copies he wants to discard will be placed on the third shelf down. ... There have been a couple of questions about serial adds that we might receive via LAC approvals. Since what enters the collection is Richard's decision, he would be the person to contact if there is any question about retaining a serial item, or any other for that matter. In general, Richard would like to see any individual item of which we more than one copy, whatever it might be, if it is received via the LAC approval plan. So if we own an incomplete set of a monographic series or serial and we receive an item of that set we do not have in the LAC collection, then we would add it without question. If LAC already owns that particular item in the set, then would leave it for Richard to review.

    10-10-13 There have been reports that some of submissions of SUL duplicate records via the Duplicate Record Report Form have not been recorded in the Duplicate Record Spreadsheet that SUL staff review to merge the records.  If you enter information in the Duplicate Record Report Form, please confirm it is recorded in the Duplicate Record Spreadsheet (scroll to the bottom of the spreadsheet to check). 

    10-8-13 The default position of the STA field in Shared BIB is at the top of a record.  Those records that have it at the bottom came over that way in the “base” record that was used for the merge.  Saving the record will rearrange the fields putting the STA at the top of the record.

    9-18-13  When you have a book with one holding record for FLARE and no holding records for any UF libraries, count this title as a new title, not as an add to an existing title as we would have when this title was in UFSTO. What can be confusing is that the OCLC holdings are still set for UF, so if you search the OCLC record, it will still say HELD BY FUG. This will change at some point when UF’s OCLC holdings are removed and FLARE’s set.

    8-26-13 The Cat-Acq conference/training room, which is located in the space previously used for the library bookstore, is available for scheduling through Outlook. It is listed in the global address list under lib-conf-cat-acq. The third floor training room and third floor conference rooms have been removed from the global address list. The meetings that were scheduled for the third floor conference room have been transferred to the Cat-Acq conference room. This is not the case for any meetings that had been scheduled for the third floor training room.

    8-20-13 It is very important that material on the rush shelves not be removed. We appreciate the effort to help out, but there are tracking issues with rush material and we need to see and distribute it ourselves. Even if the material would normally come to you, please don’t remove it until it is placed in the rush basket for Contributed Cataloging or given directly to you in Copy Cataloging. Thanks.

    6-14-13 There has been a change in protection of fields recently. The subfield 5 that protected fields during the merge will no longer serve that purpose for overlaid records on export from OCLC. The subfield 5 now only governs which library will display a field that should not display for other libraries. There is a list in the appendix of the Shared Bib Guidelines which shows which fields were protected by subfield 5 during the merge and which fields are now protected. The 500 field is on that list, so duplicate 500 fields will frequently be created and need to be weeded out after overlay. Sorry about that, but it has been a practice to put local information in 500 fields so they must be protected to prevent loss.

    6-3-13 Please note that that the $$t in the 852 of the holding record for copy number is no longer used at UF, nor is the use of c.2, etc. in the description field of item records. It has been some time since the word went out to stop the use of copy numbers.   In addition, the approved abbreviation for volume has for some time been v. not vol. Should either copy numbers or vol. print on call number labels, we will return the items to the cataloger for correction. Thanks.

    5-20-13 A revised procedure for the copy cataloging of music sound discs has been added.

    5-13-13 The only gift slip that should remain with the material after it is cataloged is the yellow one that is specifically for the Panama Canal Museum Collection in LAC. Please discard other gift slips after cataloging and before they reach Processing. Removing all of those slips is extra work for Public Services since they have to remove dozens at a time.

    4-26-13 Per Hang Soo Hoo, please do not use the sub-library and collection code UFSTO TRAY with a temp location checked.  Use of this code should be by HDF staff only. This sub-library and collection code is applied to materials automatically by ALEPH when processed into the HDF.  Any application of this code other than by ALF or HDF staff creates problems within the ALEPH and HDF databases.  Questions about which code to apply to an item or items being processed for ALF should be sent to lib-alfissues mailbox. 

    3-28-13 Preservation confirmed that all material sent previously should continue to be sent.  There are no exceptions.  Preservation is still creating pockets for accompanying supplemental material like CDs.


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      4. Asian and African Material Location Guide
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      7. Authority Fixed Field Equivalents
      8. Baldwin Engravers, Illustrators, and Lithographers 1820-1920 A-L
      9. Baldwin Engravers, Illustrators, and Lithographers 1820-1920 M-Z
      10. Baldwin LC Subject Headings 1820-1910 A-H
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      19. Cataloging Shared/Member Copy with Call Number
      20. Cataloging Statistics
      21. Call Number Systems
      22. Captions for Foreign Months
      23. CD Cataloging Guideline: Monographs
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      30. ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations)
      31. FAQ on Problem Books at ALF
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      48. Serial Holdings: Defaults and Basics
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      50. Using "Correct Display" Button
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      52. What to Put on Binding Shelf: Edu, LAC, Special Collections, Journalism, AFA, Gov Docs, Ref Reserve
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      54. Z Class Call Numbers
      55. Checking Indexes in Aleph and Mango

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