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Aleph@UF: Call Numbers in Smathers Libraries

Cataloging procedures and policies

Call Number Systems

Updated 2013


Many different classification systems have been used to arrange books in University of Florida Libraries over the years and are listed below. Dewey was the primary system used until the mid-1970s when the LC Classification system was adopted.  


Accession Number

Accession numbers are used for videos in Library West, music sound recordings in AFA, and for some other special materials. These are shelving control numbers assigned sequentially and are unrelated to topic, but result in recently acquired items being shelved together. Macros have been developed to efficiently provide unique accession numbers for new items being cataloged


Aleph:  852  4   $a FU $b UFSWE $c DVD $h DVD 6701

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, Other (OTH)”


Dewey Classification

The Dewey Classification system is not used for newly received Smathers Libraries’ materials, but is used by many public and school libraries, including Mead Library at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School. Many thousands of UF books in storage and some branches are still classified in Dewey. Based on the 1876 work of Melvil Dewey, the system continues to grow internationally and is now based at OCLC: 


Aleph: 852  1   $a FU $b UFSTO $c AUX $h 653.05 $i G819  

OCLC: 082 04  $a 653.05 $b G819  (or 092     $a 653.05 $b G819) 

Note: Reference books were sometimes labeled with R preceding the number.

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, Dewey (DDC)”


Florida History Numbers

This shelving control system is no longer used for new materials, but was used in the past for P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History materials and will still be seen in the catalog. LC numbers are now used for new Florida History materials.


Aleph:  852  4   $a FU $b UFSPE $c FLAH $h F.2A31 $i D262h2

OCLC: 099       $a F.2 $a A31 $a D262h2

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LC Classification

This is the Library of Congress classification system. There are print copies of the LC Schedules available, but the primary source used for assigning and interpreting these classification numbers is Classification Web, an online subscription-based tool at


Aleph:  852  0   $a FU $b UFSCI $c GEN $h QC344 $i .S45 2013

OCLC: 050    4  $a QC344 $b .S45 2013

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, LC/NLM (LCI)”


NAL Classification

The National Agriculture Library Classification System was used in the University of Florida agricultural libraries, especially Hume Agriculture Library. Books formerly in Hume Library and now primarily at ALF still use this system. On the surface NAL resembles Dewey, but is entirely different.

NAL call no. range

R1 - R25 (1-25) Reference books, many have the ‘R’ for reference removed

  30 – 79   Agriculture

  80 – 98   Horticulture and plant culture

     99        Forests and Forestry

100 – 102  Agricultural Experiment Station, Service

103 – 109  Federal Documents

110 – 145  General Literature

    243         Libraries and Library Economy

249 – 286  Economic Sciences

287 – 316  Technology

321 – 324  Home Economics

330 – 464  Other Sciences

472 – 475  Learned Society Publications


Aleph:  852  8    $a FU $b UFSTO $c AUX $h 99 $i G822 

OCLC: 070  1    $a 99 $b G822

Note: Books in NAL classification were often mistakenly coded in Aleph as though they were Dewey. Reference books were sometimes labeled with R preceding the number.

Search in Aleph:  browse search “Call Number, Other (OTH)” [but some were coded as Dewey and must be found using “Call Number, Dewey (DDC)”]


Newspaper Classification

This system was developed in order to arrange the large newspaper collection in Library West by Naomi Young. It builds on the LC classification system and is available at


Aleph: 852  0  $$a FU $$b UFSWE $$c MFM $$h AN2.F6 $$i F8 T75

OCLC:  050 04 AN2.F6 ǂb F8 T75

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, LC/NLM (LCI)”


NLM Classification

This system is specific to medical library resources and provided by the National Library of Medicine.
The online National Library of Medicine Classification is available at


Aleph:  852  2  $a FU $b UFHHC $c GEN $h QZ 267 C215 1976

OCLC: 060      $a QZ 267 C215 1976

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, LC/NLM (LCI)”


Planning Documents Classification

This system is used only for the collection of Florida planning documents housed in the Documents Department. The numbers are assigned by staff in Documents.


Aleph:  852  8   $a FU $b UFDOC $c PL $h FL8;Pasco;.D121;23;1989 

OCLC: 099       $a FL8;Pasco;.D121;23;1989

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, Other (OTH)”


SuDoc Classification

The Superintendent of Documents Classification Scheme is used by GPO to arrange and identify United States federal documents distributed in the Depository system.  It is an important identifier for federal documents as well as a scheme for arranging them.


Aleph:  852  3   $a FU $b UFSTO $c DOC $h Y 2.W 89/2:13/5-3

OCLC: 086  0   Y 3.W 89/2:13/5-3

Search in Aleph: browse search “Call Number, SuDoc (GVD)”



In some areas such as the print periodicals section of the Health Science Center Library arrangement is alphabetical by title. Example:

Aleph:  852  5   $a FU-HC $b UFHHC $c PER $z JOURNALS Shelved by Title on 3rd Floor

Search in Aleph: browse call number search not available

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