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Aleph@UF: Book Jackets

Cataloging procedures and policies

Book Jackets

Updated April 2009

Various owning locations throughout the library have different expectations regarding the handling of book jackets. Some locations do not want the jackets to be sent along with the item while others use the jackets for displays or other uses. In general, library policy calls for books to be shelved without jackets in the open stacks with the exception of P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History which retains jackets on the books. This procedure documents for the cataloger the handling of book jackets when forwarding material on for physical processing.

LAC and Library West (Main) – Cataloger removes and discards book jacket. Call number label is affixed in Processing on the spine/cover of the book.

Florida History -- Cataloger leaves book jacket on the book. Call number label is affixed on the book jacket in Processing. The book jacket travels with the item to the Florida History collection.

Baldwin Library – Book jackets remain on the book. Do not catalogue or process. Place on designated Baldwin shelf.

All other owning locations – Cataloger removes and inserts book jacket between the pages of the book. Call number is affixed on the spine of the book in Processing. The book jacket travels with the book to the owning location.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean book jackets

Generally, follow local procedure for "All other owning locations".


If the covers and spine of a book are blank or have insufficient information on them to identify a book and all information is on the book jacket, send the book and jacket to Preservation to have the book jacket glued on after item is cataloged. This applies only to soft cover books, not hard cover.

If special handling of book jacket or exceptions to the above procedures are required – see the staff person supervising Processing before placing the book on the shelves. Include a note with the book describing the special handling required because someone besides the person to whom you spoke may process the material.

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