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Aleph@UF: Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: CD-ROMs

Cataloging procedures and policies

Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: CD-ROMs

Updated January 2019 by Jorge Gonzalez.

CD-ROMs containing cartographic and geospatial data are usually designated to be located in the Map & Imagery Library. Other CD-ROMs that appear designated for other locations should still be placed on the Map Review shelf in the Processing area for a location decision review by the Map Curator prior to cataloging.

Geo-spatial CD-ROM’s are cataloged according to RDA standards and classified in the LC class schedule G. Subjects are assigned from LCSH. The library and collection UFMAP CD are used for Map & Imagery Library CD-ROMs.

Geo-spatial CD-ROM’s received as part of the federal depository program are reflected in the catalog with MARCIVE records using SUDOC classification call numbers. Upon transfer to the Map & Imagery Library they are reclassified into the G schedule. 

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