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Aleph@UF: Z Class Call Numbers

Cataloging procedures and policies

Z Class Call Numbers

Updated February 2002

UFSWE, REF: alternate topical class numbers are assigned for Z1201+

Other locations: alternate topical class numbers are assigned for Z5000+


Per Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification, Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1992:

F150 Alternate Class Numbers: Bibliography

Except for bibliographies of law and music, the Library of Congress classification provides for the classification of bibliographies in Z1201-8999. Many libraries who use LC cataloging records prefer to classify bibliographies in topical numbers rather than in the bibliography numbers in class Z. As a service to these libraries, LC provides in its cataloging records for bibliographies both the Z classification number and an alternate topical class number. The latter number is not used to shelve LC’s own copy(ies) of the work.

When to assign an alternate number:

Assign an alternate class number to all bibliographies classed within the following ranges of numbers:

Z1201-4980 National bibliography (except as noted below)

Z5051-7999 Subject bibliography

Z8001-8999 Personal bibliography

For works classed in the numbers for national bibliography, assign an alternate number only if the bibliography is on a specific topic, not if it is a general listing of the imprints of a particular country or locality within a country.

Selecting the alternate number:

Assign the number in classes A-J, L, N-V, or Z1-1200, that most closely corresponds to the topic of the bibliography. If the focus of the bibliography is on a topic in a particular place, period, etc., assign when possible a number that includes those elements rather than the number for the topic in general.

Use of the General works number:

If the schedule provides various form numbers under a specific topic, select the General works number, or its equivalent. Do not assign numbers for periodicals, directories, dictionaries, pictorial works, textbooks, etc., even if the items listed in the bibliography are limited to those forms.

If the General works number is broken down by language or dates, select the appropriate number from those breakdowns.

CONSULT Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification for more information.  Available through Cataloger's Desktop or in print in the department reference collection.

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