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UF Libraries 3D Lab: Request 3D Printing

3D Print Submission Process

1. Submit via the 3D Submission Form at You will need to accept our agreement that you adhere to the UF Computer Use Policy and copyright regulations. Library 3D staff will process your model, normally by the next business day, and send you a quote to pay to proceed with printing.

2. If your job is complicated or raises concerns, you may be asked to set an appointment with an expert or your file may need to be examined more closely before printing.

3. The cost will be calculated and must be paid before your job is run. The cost is $.15/gram as determined by Simplify3D, with a $3 minimum charge.

4. Payments are made via a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) or a debit card that has a logo from either Visa or Mastercard to pay for your job.

5. You will get an email when your job is ready for pickup.

Our User Agreement

I acknowledge that my item(s) adhere to copyright restrictions and to UF's computer use policies.  I understand that the Libraries reserve the right to decline a print request that does not comply, including requests to print any 3D models of weapons.

I understand that I will not be reimbursed for jobs that failed on my part, but I will receive a voucher for jobs that fail on the library's part.

I understand that the Libraries cannot guarantee a print time, however, staff may be able to provide an estimate based upon the print queue length.

I understand that priority is given to UF students, faculty, and staff, and also to class assignments.

I understand that items printed that are not picked up with 14 days will become the property of the Libraries. Items must be picked up by the individual who printed them.

Supporting Polices


George A. Smathers Libraries Computer Use Policy 

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (UF) 

Copyright (United States Copyright Office) 

Student Conduct & Honor Code (UF) 

Florida Computer Crimes Act 

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