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Gainesville Community Guide during COVID-19: Home

This guide explores the museums, libraries, and local Gainesville Florida programs during the covid-19 quarantine period. Created for ARH 6930: Social Justice, Race, and Intersectionality in Cultural Heritage Spaces


The world has changed rapidly within the last few months and, for the first time in history, cultural institutions around the world have closed their doors to the public for an undetermined period of time. Communities around the world have been strongly encouraged to stay home in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in order to reduce its impact on hospitals and protect the health of society's most vulnerable. In an effort to encourage people to stay home and stay safe cultural institutions around the world have been creating amazing online content centered around education, creativity, humor, and wellness. In this guide we will introduce the online programs and offerings of the museums and libraries of Gainesville. This guide will also provide local resources to meet the health, wellness, and educational needs to keep communities updated on COVID-19. 

Who is Affected by Museum Closures

Museums are places of immense public trust and provide many different services to a community. Not only are museums a space for people to explore new ideas and information, but they are also places for people to have transformational experiences collectively. With the current closures of museums in Gainesville, the communities that are affected the most by this are:

  • Students
  • Researchers who need physical access to the archives and museum libraries
  • Families who frequent museums for educational tours and programs
  • Visitors who need a space for peace and tranquility from the chaos of life
  • People with accessibility needs who utilize the Touch Tours for art experiences

Who is Affected by Library Closures

‚ÄčLibraries are one of the most trusted institutions in the world and often strive to serve their unique communities everyday. Alachua County has twelve library locations and twenty six regularly scheduled bookmobile stops. The closing of these libraries is a great loss for many but any even greater loss for some of our more vulnerable community members such as:

  • Homeless Population [access to shelter, bathrooms, computers, and WiFi]
  • People who do not have access to the internet, computers. or smartphones.
  • Families who rely on materials and programs for children.
  • People who rely on library programs for enrichment and personal betterment.
  • People who need social interactions such as the elderly.
  • Researchers and Students.
  • People who need a quiet, peaceful, and safe space.
  • People relying on free medical programs hosted by libraries.

Curators/ Creators

Barrett Uhler                                                                                                                                              Chandler Sandy

UF Library Assistant II                                                                                                                               UF Museum Studies Area Graduate Assistant

Graduate Student of Museum Studies                                                                                                      Graduate Student of Museum Studies                                                                                                                             

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